What’s matched betting?

What is Matched Betting and how does it work?

The concept of matched betting can seem a little bit daunting. Don’t worry, we were there at one point. At its core, matched betting completely goes against the grain with regards to what betting is. With standard betting, there is always going to be a bit of risk on your part. It doesn’t matter how good the odds are, the risk is always going to be there. With matched betting, if you do it correctly, there is no risk whatsoever. Let us explain.

What You Need

To get started with no risk matched betting, you are going to need to find a website which offers free bets.

Thankfully, these are a dime a dozen. Bookmakers always want new customers through their doors. They are willing to throw cash at them to do it. You will likely find that some of the best free bet offers go up around big sporting events e.g. Grand National, FA Cup Final etc. Although, to be honest, you can do matched betting at any time of the year. Providing there is a free bet available, and you meet the criteria to claim on it (i.e. you have never signed up to the site before), then you should be good to go.

With matched betting, you are going to be pitting your cash against a real cash bet. In theory, you cannot lose when you go down this route. In theory.

What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Journey On Matched Betting

There are two types of bet that you will be relying on here:

What is a Back Bet? is where you will be betting on an event happening. For example; betting that a team will win a football match. Let’s say you are betting on Brighton to beat Crystal Palace. This is your core bet and every betting website will offer this type of bet.

Whats is a Lay Bet? is where you will be betting against an event happening. Let’ say, you are betting that Brighton will not beat Crystal Palace. This is a bet that you will only be able to place on a betting exchange.
With risk-free matched betting, you will be placing your free bet on the ‘back bet’. You will then place an equal amount on the lay bet. In theory, since you are backing both potential outcomes of the game, then you can’t lose.
Now, you may make a small loss. Just a tiny loss, between the two. This is because the betting exchange charges a commission on their services. However, if you do it properly, it should be no more than a few pennies. Plus, you would have only lost a free bet in the first place! This is about as risk free as you are going to get when it comes to matched betting.


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Pros and cons of Matched Betting


Obviously, the biggest pro of matched betting is that there is going to be little risk exposure on your part. In many cases, the opportunity to win is big. This means that with the right free bet offers, you will be able to make a sizeable amount of cash. In fact, there are plenty of people out there who are making a living off matched betting. Yes. You really can earn a living from betting risk free. Granted, it is going to take a small amount of money to get started, not a lot, but if you continue to win your bets, you will see your income start to creep up very quickly. If you want to make the ‘big bucks’, then you are going to need to ‘risk’ some larger amounts of cash, but it should not be that much of a problem.

It is also fun. Gambling is an incredible amount of fun. It is great to watch sports and know that you have something riding on it. Let’s say you are watching the Grand National. Surely, it is fantastic having a bit of a flutter, knowing that you can’t really lose? Everybody that you are watching the event with can lose, but you can’t. How fabulous is that?
Since you are matched betting, it is likely that you will be placing a lot of bets through the same bookmaker. This is going to work to your advantage. When you place a lot of bets, the bookmaker is going to be tripping over themselves to get you on board. This means that they are going to be throwing more free bets in your direction! This means that there is even more chance to make some money.
If you live in the United Kingdom, and it is likely that many of the people reading this page do, then you will be pleased to know that gambling income is not taxable. This means that if it is your part time income, everything that you earn is going to be 100% profit free!


There are a couple of cons to matched betting. Nothing too drastic, but they exist. For starters; to make this work, you need to make heavy use of free bets. This may mean signing up to numerous bookmakers. Some people can find it tough to manage this many accounts. Not to mention the fact that bookies really do not like matched betting. If they think you are going a bit heavy on the ‘free bets’, then they may close down your account.
The only other downside is that there is a lot of information to learn at the start. You need to know how to limit your risk. Thankfully, there are plenty of guides that you will be able to tuck into.
You do not need to dedicate much time at all to matched betting. Obviously, there are some bets which are going to be more lucrative than others. You should be able to find out all the information that you need about choosing the right bets through Profit Accumulator.
If you want to find out more about no risk matched betting, then we suggest you pop on over to profitaccumlator.co.uk. There is a treasure trove of information available which should, hopefully, make the process a little bit easier for you to decipher!



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